Getting Started

Find all the resources, checklists, training and articles needed to get productive using Brivity

Get Started Resources

Jumpstart Checklist

Discover 4 main ways of segmenting contacts. Putting them in the Leads Index vs the People Index, Intention, adding custom Tags and Statuses.

Contact Management Cheat Sheet

Multiply seller leads with local home valuation sites connected to your CRM

10 Things to Do In Brivity Daily

Here are 10 things you should do every day to succeed with your BRIVITY account

Auto Plans Library

Find the most proven and effective People and Transaction Auto Plans in our Brivity Auto Plans Library.


Brivity Training Options

 Launch to Brivity Mastery, we have the right training plan for you!

Download Brivity GO

Learn the most important components of your website


Get Ready for Business

Set Up Your Brivity Profile

Make it easier for clients, leads, and other agents to find your information.

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Set Up Calling & Texting

Save time and convert more leads with the Dialer.

Brivity-Help-ic (3)-1 HELP ARTICLES

Your Brivity Phone Number (Dialer)

Get through your daily lead-gen time faster with the Brivity Dialer.

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People and Leads

In your Brivity CRM, you have the option to list your database in Leads and/or in People. 

Custom Tags

Tags provide details about an item and make it easy to locate related items that have the same tag.

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Agent Websites (Sub-Domain)

Agents on your team have the opportunity to capture their own leads while helping the team meet it’s goals.

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Edit Your Email Signature

Your signature will be automatically applied to every email sent via Brivity. 

Admin Access vs. Agent Access

As users are added to a CRM, there will be a choice to assign them one of two access levels.

Lead Routing

Set up Lead Routing rules to ensure leads are distributed to your agents based on your business rules.

Active Listing Plan

When you're ready with listing paperwork in hand, this plan are some simple steps to keep you up on your transaction for the entire listing time line until the property goes under contract.


Listing Pended Plan

When your listings have a contract to purchase approved by the buyers and sellers, apply this plan to manage the pending timeline.


Listing Sold/Closed Plan

Once your Listings close, use this plan to be sure you've reemoved everything from market and transfered everything needed to the buyer and buyer's agent.


Listing Appointment

Some teams will use Brivity Transactions even before the Listing Appointment has been set. In that case, you can make up details to start the listing transaction or add $0 in fields like the list price or 0 for an MLS number. Then apply this Auto Plan to help manage the steps to nail the listing!


Listing Extension

If your listing doesn't sell in the time allotted by your listing paperwork, you can extend the listing. Use this Auto Plan to help you aquire te paperwork, restart marketing, and get the sales engine purring again!


Listing Price Reduction

If you've ever thought of all the steps it takes to reduce price on a property, it's a lot! From getting the paperwork to taking the sign 'Price Reduced' sign rider down two weeks later, you'll want to be sure all the steps and marketing in between are updated. Use this auto plan to be sure you don't miss out on this re-newed opportunity!