Two-Way Email in Brivity

Brivity allows you to send and receive emails right from the CRM using 2 way emailing via Gmail. For instructions on how to set up the integration, please follow the instructions here. 

Once two way emailing is activated, all new sent emails will be sent with your gmail address, and replies will be logged in a conversation thread in that person's detail page in the new interactive timeline

For example, create the email and select Save and Send:


The email will then be sent to the contact's email address:


A response from the person's email is sent directly into Brivity in the Timeline field of their profile:


Click the conversation on the timeline to view and reply to the conversation thread.

The conversation will then be logged in the timeline as well as your gmail inbox for any corresponding emails sent back and forth between you and your contact: 


That's it!

We're consistently working on updating Brivity to bring you the features you need most in your business. For additional support or to provide feedback, please email 


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