Definitions for a Listing Transaction

When setting up Listing Transactions, you will fill out a 3-part form. Below are definitions for the form.


Step 1

  • Marketing Title — Title used on social media posts -short descriptions are best (e.g., “downtown condo,” “fully renovated bungalow,” “desirable neighborhood.”)
  • Property Type — Choose from dropdown menu.
  • Expiration Date — Date the listing will expire.
  • Street Address — Number and street name.
  • Postal Code — zip code.
  • Primary Agent — Name of agent listing the property.
  • Select Continue.

Step 2

  • You must complete this step if you wish to publish your listing as an active property. If you are adding a listing as “coming soon” then you can choose to Skip.
  • Select Skip or Continue.

Step 3

  • Action Plan — The transaction plan you wish to apply to the property.
  • Advertising Plan — The advertising plan you wish to apply to the property.
  • Upload Cover Photo — (Optional) Upload a single photo now, or wait and upload all photos at the same time.
  • Select Finish.

For more information on setting up a Listing Transaction, click here. 

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