F: Manually Add Contacts

F: Manually Add Contacts

Manually add contacts to your CRM anytime to track all communications, automate follow up, and send Listing Alerts and Market Reports.


Click on the [+] sign next to the word "People."


Enter information for any contact in the form that pops up. Here are some things you need to know.

Type - What role does this person play in transactions? Here are the Types you can apply.

  • Lead - New to your business
  • Sphere - Client, Family, Friend, etc
  • Collaborator - Vendor in the industry (i.e. Title, Lender, Other Agent).


Status — How likely your contact is to do business with you


Save & Continue to add the client to your database.

Update any other information you want to add about your client including birthday, anniversary, spouse name, extra phone numbers, emails or addresses.


Click Save Details to save your work.


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