G: Email Templates for Action Plans

G: Email Templates for Action Plans

Email Templates let you type less, send faster more efficient emails, and send automated emails. Learn how to create an email template to drip out to leads and contacts from Action Plans.



Open the Settings Dropdown and click Settings -> Email Templates.


Click Create New Email Template.

Fill out all fields for the Email Template.

*Note: You can "insert Placeholder" items - which will auto-populate fields for you.



Continue adding email templates.

Now your email is ready to add into an Action Plan to automate communication to clients over time!


Go to the tab for Action Plans and Select the Action Plan you want to add the email to automate from.

For Example, to add a template to auto-send along the 10 Days of Pain Action Plan, select 10 Days of Pain from the Action Plan list, and click "ADD AN ACTION":




On the pop up, chose to add an Email.




Select the template, then select when and how you want it to send along the Action Plan Timeline.




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