H: Action Plans for Your Contacts (person action plans)

H: Action Plans for Your Contacts (person action plans)

Whether you're managing your leads, sphere, or past clients - Action Plans can be applied to all your contacts to automate follow up and remind you when it's time to get back in touch!

To create a person action plan from scratch:

Under your name in the upper right of your account, go to Settings then the tab for Action Plans.


Click Create New Person Action Plan.


Give the Action Plan a Name.


The newly created Action Plan will now appear. Click the new Action Plan name and select Add An Action.


A pop up will appear to give you the option to add a task or an email. In this example, choose an Email.


Select the template, then select when and how you want it to send along the Action Plan Timeline.

Continue Adding Tasks and Emails along the Action Plan timeline until your plan is complete! 

Apply the Action Plan to a Contact:

Open your contact record. Find and click the Apply Action Plan in the upper right of the contact record.

(You can apply multiple Action Plans to one contact)


Note: Your Brivity account is pre-loaded with several Action Plans. To view these action plans, click the dropdown arrow to the right of each plan title. Under each plan you will see a series of tasks and drip emails that can be edited to the far right with the edit pencil, or deleted to the far right with the X icon.




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