J: Action Plans for Projects (project action plan)

J: Action Plans for Projects (project action plan)


Action Plans for Projects can be created for anything outside of people and transactions. For example, you might want to create a task list for new hires, client appreciation parties, an upcoming neighborhood barbecue etc

To create a project action plan from scratch:

To start a new Action Plan for a Project, you'll want to create the project.


Enter information about your new Project.


Add any additional Details and Milestones that will move the Project. Don't forget to Save Details!


Now create the Project Action Plan. Select Settings under your name in the upper right.

Then click the tab for Action Plans, and Create New Project Action Plan.


Name the plan.



Click on the name of the new Action Plan, and then Add a Step.




Continue adding actions to your plan. Actions added will be sorted by due date for the actions/emails.


Apply an Action Plan to a Project:

To Apply an Action Plan to a Project, click Projects on the Left. Select the Project, and Apply from the upper right.





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