I: Action Plans for Properties (property action plan)

I: Action Plans for Properties (property action plan)

Use custom action plans to create task lists for Transaction Management that will be applied to a Property to help keep your team on track throughout the entire transaction.



To create a property action plan from scratch:

Under your name in the upper right of your account, go to Settings then the tab for Action Plans.


Click Create New Property Action Plan.


A pop-up screen will appear. Enter the name of the Action Plan you want to create. Click Save.


Click the dropdown [+] next to the name of the plan to Add An Action. For Property, this is always a task.


Fill out this form, choose whether or not it should be visible to viewers (your clients and collaborators on a transaction), add Instructions for your team (which are always private—hidden from viewers).

Set this task to happen on a specific day, or to only after another task occurring first. These are Contingent Tasks.

You can make tasks automatically re-occur in this area too. Set tasks to reoccur every [Monday] or every [3 days].

Continue adding actions to your plan. Actions added will display sorted by due date for the actions/emails.



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