L: Add a Listing Transaction

L: Add a Listing Transaction

Transaction management is ideal in your Brivity CRM.

Add your Listings to begin automating the Listing process, marketing, tasks, and follow ups!

Click on the [+] sign next to the word Transactions.




Select Listing Transaction.



Fill out the three-step form to add your transaction to the system. Find form definitions here.

Note: You can apply an Advertising Plan on the third step, learn how to create an advertising plan here or add one of the preloaded advertising plans.



Scroll down the screen to locate the Transaction's Property Details. Fill in all necessary information.

  • Note: Publish State grants permission to post on Social Media.
    • Draft means NO.
    • Published means YES.


At the bottom of the screen, you have the ability to upload photos for the property.

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload.

However, each photo you upload must be 5MB or smaller.

Drag and drop photos, upload from a selection, or drop a file of photos to upload several at a time.



Scroll to the top of the screen when complete and Save Details.






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