Add Collaborators to a Transaction

Add Collaborators to a Transaction

Adding collaborators to a transaction is a great way to keep record of who is involved in the transaction; from the sign installer to the escrow officer. You also have the ability to grant collaborators access to the transaction, share documents with them and easily communicate with them through a phone call or email.

Adding a Collaborator Roles

Naming your collaborators by their role in a transaction will help save you time later. We suggest naming a collaborator role using their name, company, or industry correctly will help save you time later.

Navigate to the upper-right corner of your account and drop down to Settings. Choose the tab for People. In the center column locate Collaborator Roles in a Transaction. Brivity already launched your account with a few basic roles.


When creating roles for collaborators we suggest using names and titles that will provide more information. Some suggestions:

  • Include an individual's name as part of the role such as “Bob Pace - Sign Installer”
  • Include the company name as part of the role such as “Wells Fargo Lender”
  • Include industries that are not preloaded as a role such as “Photographer” or “Home Stager”

 To add a new role simply select Add New Collaborator Role and Save.


Adding a Collaborator

Locate your transaction by choosing Transactions from the left sidebar or you can search for the address in the top Search Bar.

From the Transaction Profile Page click Edit Details

Click on Add Collaborators.


Search for the collaborator of your choice and decide if you want Grant login access & send email updates. This will allow the collaborator to see completed tasks and documents for the transaction. Save.

*Note: You can change your mind throughout a transaction by adding updates to a collaborator or taking access away by selecting the “Gets Updates” check box under their name after they have been saved to a transaction.



Once a collaborator is saved to a transaction you can then select the Collaborator Role. A drop-down menu will open allowing you to select any role that has been added to the system previously.

Under Collaborator Role you will see “Visibility (Property Page)” and the word “Hidden.” This can not be changed for Collaborators or Clients. Visibility is only used for Team Members you would like features on the Individual Property Pages that are forward facing on Google and used for Social Media Marketing.

Once done adding collaborators to your transaction Save Details.

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