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Live Daily Training Webinars

Brivity offers live webinars covering all aspects of the Brivity Platform starting each day @ 10am PST Monday-Friday. These webinars teach you effective implementation strategies that you can use throughout your onboarding process. 

See the schedule and sign up for your sessions here!

Admin Power Training Course

An intense, no-frills, power training course to help you power your team to successfully maximize your team's sale performance in the shortest time possible!

This course covers:

  • Setup of Your CRM
  • Importing
  • Connecting Your Email
  • Team Account Settings
  • Lead Routing
  • Phone Settings
  • Setting up Email Templates
  • Setting up/editing Person Action Plans and Drip Campaigns
  • Leads vs People
  • Mass Updating/ Organizing Your Account
  • Managing Your Account on a Daily Basis

Register for the Admin Power Training Course HERE

Agent Access Training Course
The whole team need training! Agent Access User training starts here- We'll have your team set-up, managing their accounts, and out the door to showings in 30 minutes flat!
This course covers:
  • Setup of Your CRM
  • Connecting Your Email
  • Importing
  • Setting up Email Templates
  • Leads vs People
  • Mass updating/ organizing your account
  • How to Follow Up on Your Leads
  • Using Action Plans and Drip Campaigns
  • Managing Your Account on a Daily Basis

Register for the Agent Access Training Course HERE

Kwkly Text-2-Leads

Don't miss the Kwkly training session to learn all the uses for your Kwkly text codes, how to set distribution, and pre-marketing. 

Register for the Kwkly Training Course HERE

Brivity CMA & Market Reports

Send your contacts a Market Report, automate drip Market Reports in a snap! Even better, learn Ben Kinney's proven 5-5-5 CMA strategy to help win listings! 

Register for the CMA/Market Report Training Course HERE

Brivity Valuations

Make up to 10 lead capture pages for Seller Leads using Brivity Valuations! We train you on how to create those pages, brainstorming 10 pages to make, and go over advertising ideas too!

Register for Brivity Valuations Course HERE



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