Lead Routing

Brivity Lead Routing allows you to set up automatic distribution to your agents based on your business's unique operational rules!


In all new Brivity accounts, incoming leads will default assignment to the Account Owner, but you can change this when your team is ready by following the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the upper right of your account, and click your name. Select Settings from the drop-down, and then Click the tab for Lead Routing.



Step 2: Select +Create Rule and name your new rule. 



Step 3: Click on the newly created rule name. Then click Add Criteria.



*Note- there are many great criteria options! 



Step 4: Select the Criteria option by clicking on the drop-down. Then type in your definition of the rule.

*If this is a number like a price, do not include symbols, just the numbers.

*You can add multiple criteria to rules. 



Step 5: Select Add User. Select the agent(s) to route leads with this criteria by clicking. 

*Continue adding multiple agents per rule with the same steps.


That's it! Your rule is set! 


Lead Routing Examples:

Set up Rental Leads (by price) to get to your property managers and sales leads to get to the sales agents. Here's an example of directing rental leads:.



Here's an example of setting up Direct Questions from your Zillow Profile, Profile, or IDX website to an agent. This would be by setting a Max Price of $1.00, since Direct Questions from customers don't have a price associated with them.





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