Connect Apps to Brivity via Zapier

Did you know there are hundreds of apps that connect to your Brivity account?

Brivity connects with hundreds of different types of applications to help automate your business processes and help you succeed! The system we use to connect is called Zapier and the connections through are endless! Below are some of the popular Zapier connections.

You'll need to have an account with Zapier and any service you want to connect with Brivity. You can start with a free Zapier account here!

Getting started with Zapier:

To get started, Click here to copy your Brivity API key from your account section, then head over to


Facebook: Create a New Lead in Brivity with Facebook Lead Ads.
Facebook.jpg Plus.jpg Brivity.jpg
Facebook lead ads make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. The Facebook lead ad app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads. 
As leads respond to your Facebook Lead Ads, make sure each one ends up in your Brivity Account to distribute to your team, and manage your leads in one place!
Click here to begin your Facebook Lead Ads push to Brivity! 
BombBomb: Send a video email or begin a video email campaign to new Brivity leads
Bombbomb allows agents to create video emails that can automate out to leads and clients, like a "Welcome" video email when they sign up. Bombbomb videos play directly in the email, rather than clicking out to external video sites.
Click here to connect to BombBomb to begin video email marketing!


Text Notifications: Receive a text message when a new lead is added to Brivity


Speed up your response to leads to increase your conversion-to-close ratio!  Set up this Zapier integration and whenever a new contact is added in Brivity, Zapier will send a text with the lead's contact info right away!  

Click here to set up an automated text message for every new Brivity lead!


Google Sheets: Send every Brivity Lead to a Google Spreadsheet

Brivity.jpgPlus.jpg Google_Sheets.jpg

Quantifying your incoming leads in a Google Spreadsheet can be useful on many different levels. You can set up Zapier to make sure as every lead hits your Brivity account, that it also hits a Google Spreadsheet.

Create a new row of information in a Google Spreadsheet each time a new lead is added to Brivity!


Email Parsing: Create a New Lead in Brivity by Parsing Emails from Lead Sources
Parse.jpgPlus.jpg Brivity.jpg
Unfortunately, not every lead source connects to Zapier. However, if you get email notifications from any lead source, those are generally in a standard format that can be set to be recognized by Zapier software. Formatted example emails are where the format of the lead email looks something like:
First Name: John 
Last Name: Doe
Phone number: 202-867-5309
Comment: I'm interested in more information on this home.
Click Here to learn how to Parse Emails to create a Lead in Brivity!
Slack: Send your entire team a notification of new leads in a Slack Channel
Slack is a communication system for all your team to stay in pace with each other and your business! When you push a notification of new leads to a Slack Channel, your team members will all be updated in real time to begin each team members reaction in your sales processes. 
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