Why I should connect a Google email?

The current email integration to Brivity has been made through Google (or Gmail). You can connect either @gmail addresses or custom URL emails. Meaning, your connected email does not have to end in @gmail; you can use a custom URL as well! Google sells URLs, and also allows emails to be created from URLs bought from any registrar like Godaddy. All emails are Google emails. It's called G-Suite.


Benefits of connecting your Google email to Brivity:

  • All emails ever sent to Brivity contacts using that email address will be logged in the contact Timeline
  • All emails ever received from Brivity contacts at that email address will be logged in the contact's Timeline
  • When you send emails from Brivity, they will show in your Google email Sent folder
  • Better deliverability 

If you want to move your email to a G-Suite business account, you can sign up for a free trial here.

**Brivity is not affiliated with Google nor does Brivity sell Google Products.


Common Questions


Can I forward my email to a Gmail account and then connect the Gmail to Brivity?

You could, but you'll be missing some of the tracking features. Brivity is reflecting what's in your Gmail 1. Inbox and 2. Sent Folder. If you only have incoming emails (meaning you don't respond out of that Gmail account), then Brivity will only see the incoming emails, not the Sent emails. 

What if I don't want to use a Google email? 

That's ok! You can still use Brivity, and even email out of Brivity. Your emails will reflect from your regular email address. Your contacts will still be able to respond to your emails; those emails will still end up in your email inbox.

However, Brivity won't be able to :

1. Track contact responses to your emails

2. Track other emails you send directly from your email (not through Brivity)

Does Brivity have plans to integrate with my email provider?

Yes, Brivity plans to integrate with all IMAP capable email services. If you want to find out if your email provider will be able to connect to Brivity in the future, ask your email provider support if they are Imap capable. 

Does Brivity track all my emails?

No. When you've connected with Google in your Brivity account, the CRM can only track emails with your contacts in Brivity. For example, if you never add your husband or wife as a contact in Brivity, your emails with those contacts cannot be tracked. 

Who can read my incoming and outgoing emails?

No one else can see your emails. Currently, Brivity only reflects to show each user their own contacts. Also, you will not be able to see when other users (even on your team) send or receive emails. This is true regardless of Brivity access level or ownership.

Will connecting to Google also connect my Google Calendar? 

No. The current integration does not connect your Google Calendar, but we like the way you think! We're working on this integration now. 

Will I lose all my past emails if I switch to a Google email?

No way! We wouldn't want you to lose your past emails! If you decide to switch to Google email, be sure to perform a Google Migration to migrate all your old emails to your new Google email. Then, you'll never need to login to the old email ever again. 

**Note- you can also migrate all contacts and calendar events


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