Beta Tester Instructions: Lead Parsing

If you've been selected to participate in Lead Parser Beta Testing to send leads from outside sources into your Brivity CRM, then this article will take you through step-by-step of setting up your leads to flow to your Brivity CRM.
You can follow similar steps with any lead provider if you change the email by which they forward leads to you.
As a chosen Beta Tester, you'll be given a unique email address by a Brivity Representative.
  Click on your photo in the upper right of your account and select Settings
          (you can also click here)
 Select Lead Settings on the left

  Click Change for each of the lead products available. offers several different lead products. Depending on your account, you may have 3-5 types of leads to direct to Brivity. 

 Set up a new notification by selecting Lead Parsing from the drop-down, paste your unique Brivity email, and make sure the format is in HTML. Then Save.

When you get a new lead, it should now appear in your Brivity CRM.

If leads don't populate to your Brivity CRM correctly, you should see "New Lead Information Received" on your own Brivity Profile Timeline with the correct lead information that you can copy and use to manually create a lead.

Thanks for participating in our beta test! Please send feedback or problems to
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