Steps to getting Brivity Chatbot set up on your website

Let's work together to get Brivity Chatbot set up on your company website.

Before we begin - The setup process is only for customers who have pre-enrolled in the Automabots program. If you have not pre-enrolled, fill out this simple form. We will notify you when we have confirmed availability and then we can get you set up!

If you've pre-enrolled and we've invited you to set up your chatbot,  then let's get started!


Click on this link to schedule a 15 minute online meeting to walk through your setup.


Click on this link to fill out a simple form that will provide us with the information we need to get things prepared before our online meeting. We'll let you know if we need additional information to get things set up. 


You will receive an email with login instructions for your Chatbot Admin Dashboard. As soon as everything is up and running, we have a number of support articles and webinars that will help you make the most of your Brivity Chatbot!


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