How to Set Up Text and Email Lead Notifications

When a new lead in Brivity comes in or when it is assigned to an agent on your team, you have the ability to turn on or off email and text notifications for the primary agent so they can be alerted of their new lead to follow up immediately.

1) To turn on email and text notifications for a user, head to the Account > Personal page. Verify that you have a valid Primary Email Address and Text Routing Number selected in the “Personal Info” section (if not, click your name in the top right corner > Profile and add those fields in your user profile).

2) Then scroll down to the “Lead Notification Settings” section and make sure the checkboxes for “Send an email to my Primary Email” and “Send a text to my Text Routing Number” are checked.

3) You should now be set up to receive lead notifications! Lead Notification emails will come from, and text notifications will come from (360) 526-8915.

Note - if you are an account owner or administrator and your team has the Brivity Platform, you can also set the Text Routing Number for all users at once from the Phone Settings page.


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