Inserting the Chatbot Code into Your Website

The final step to enabling Chatbot on your company website is to insert your custom JavaScript code snippet into the code of your website. This is most often done for you by your webmaster.

The JavaScript code is available via your Automabots Dashboard.  Log into the dashboard and click the Bot link in the top menu. Now, click the Deployment link in the left menu. You'll see the WebChat control.

Click the Generate Javascript button. You will see a popup with the JavaScript code:

Select and copy everything from the opening <script id=  tag to the closing </script> tag.  It's a good idea to paste this into a text document for easy access.

Next, login to your website content management system where you can edit the code of your website.

We recommend inserting the code near the end of the head, body, or footer of the website so the chatbot appears on every page of the site.  Here is an example of how the code can be added to the body using a content management system:

Once you save and publish the update, you should see the chatbot pop up when you refresh your company website main page.

Visit our troubleshooting article if you are not seeing the chatbot when you open your website.

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