BoomTown - Adding chatbot JScript

We have had excellent results with chatbot on BoomTown websites. Best practices call for inserting the script near the end of the body section.

Here is an example of an installation on a BoomTown site where the code is inserted just after the Google Analytics code:

Once you've inserted the code into the web page, you should see the bot appear in the lower right corner of the browser window when you open the website.

Where can I get a copy of the JScript code?

Each chatbot customer has a unique key for their bot.  The complete JScript code can be generated by the customer in the Automabots Dashboard.

Log into the dashboard and select Bot from the main menu, then select Deployment from the left menu.

Click the Generate Javascript button in the WebChat box

You will see a popup that contains the JScript.  Select all and copy.


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