Friday Episode 10- Facebook Contests

Ever wonder how to do free marketing? Or how to do more Facebook marketing? What about better Facebook Marketing? Have you ever tried running a contest?

Check out this video on an agent's Facebook post!

Some great Giveaway options? These are listed in Highest price ideas to lower price ideas. 

  • Tait Gate Package - this could be as small as some items, or as big as giving someone your tailgate spot for a big game. It could be fully catered, or throw them some grocery-store food trays. Don't forget to show up and meet everyone! 
  • Backyard Picnic BBQ- (great idea to show up and make more connections!)
  • Give away a donation to the person's fav charity
  • Techy gear labeled with your brand
  • High-end Sunglasses
  • Fitbit
  • Chromebook
  • Techy- camping gear
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Gift Card
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