Configuring your Chatbot in Facebook Messenger

Chatbot is a very powerful and engaging addition to Facebook Messenger on your company FB page.  Let's look at how you can set it up to draw the attention of the visitor and provide steps to begin engagement with the bot.

The first thing you'll need to do is make sure you've enabled chatbot on your company Facebook page.  This is done on the Bot > Deployment page of the Automabots Dashboard.  Here you see that I deployed the bot to the Amanda Baker Homes FB page. 

Now, login to the Facebook account that administers your company FB page.  Navigate to the company page and select Settings from the top nav menu


Select Messaging from the left nav menu


You will see the Messaging Settings page. We recommend configuring the General Settings like this:


This next part is real important!  In order to engage the chatbot, the visitor needs to type 'hi' or 'hello'.  You can prompt them to do that.

In the Response Assistant section, you'll see a Show a Messenger Greeting setting.  Turn this on (Yes) and customize the greeting to invite the visitor to type 'hi' to engage the chatbot. We recommend personalizing the message by adding the person's first name in the greeting using the Add Personalization link. 

You can test your new settings by navigating back to your company Facebook page, hovering over the Send Message button and selecting 'Test button'

You will see your custom Messenger Greeting

And, when you type, 'hi' you are greeted by the chatbot!



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