Help! My chatbot isn't showing up!

There are a few things that need to be in place before your chatbot will be fully functional on your website:

  1. We set up an account for you in Automabots which creates a unique code for your chatbot
  2. For security, we whitelist your website address in our system
  3. You or your webmaster inserts your unique code into your website
  4. Chatbot is ready to go!

Most of the time, it's as easy as that.

However, as with any software component, our code has to play well with a whole host of other products. Sometimes it's just a matter of where our code is inserted in the host website. Occasionally there are conflicts between our code and the code on the host website.

NOTE: We're including some technical details in the sections below as a resource to you or your webmaster. 

Code Placement

Let's start with placement. If you view your webpage source ( and search for 'automabots' you should see the automabots JavaScript code. If you can't find 'automabots' in the code, then it either hasn't been added or isn't being inserted onto the page by the web application. 

Our most recent code version looks like this:

You'll notice that the latest code is designed to run after the window loads and it embeds its elements in the body of the site. We've made it this way so it can run from the header, body or footer of the site. 

Please ensure that the most recent version of your unique code is added to your website code near the end of the header, body or footer of the page.  Older versions of our code won't always work when placed in the header. 

You can get a copy of your unique code by logging into the Automabots dashboard, navigating to Bot > Deployment and clicking the Generate Javascript button.  

Whitelist Issue

If you have verified that the automabots code is properly added to your website and you still don't see the chatbot, here's another test. Open the developer's console of your web browser and reload your webpage. If you see an Unauthorized... 401 error associated with the automabots code, it is likely that your URL is not properly whitelisted on our end. This can happen when we set up an account for you with a different domain name or there has been a change to your website address.

This is real easy to fix. Just let us know at and we'll get your site whitelisted ASAP.

Code Conflict

Every once in awhile our code conflicts with the website code and we see strange results. Open the developer's console of your web browser and reload your webpage. If you see some strange error like this

please open a support ticket at and we will do our best to get it resolved with your website provider.



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