Blog Posting on Brivity IDX

Have you ever heard the saying that "Content is King?" The 3 most important things you can do to get your site to rank better in Google search results is content, content, content!


Step 1: Login to your Brivity IDX Builder. Our team will give you the login and password after you've attended a Brivity IDX Builder Training webinar. 
Step 2: In the upper right of your Builder, click on Blog
Step 3: Click + Create a Post.
Step 4: Write your Post! 
Step 5: In order to publish your post, you must have a Featured photo added. Browse your computer to upload a new image. (Remember, you must have permissions to use photos on your website!)
Step 6: Add Tags- if you want to be able to group different posts together, use tags. When you have a few of the same tag - you can make blocks on other pages with these featured blog posts. 
Then click Save!
Step 7: To Publish your post to your site, after you have hit Save, you should see a Publish button appear. When you're ready, hit Publish.
If this is your first blog post, please contact support to enable your Blog tab to your IDX Site Navigation bar.
We suggest having at least 3 blog posts before enabling the Blog tab.
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