Importing Your Contacts into Brivity

Import Your Contacts into Brivity

Importing contacts to your Brivity account will allow you to manage all of your contacts in one place and track all communications, automate follow up, and send Listing Alerts and Market Reports.


 First, go to Account > Import/Export



 Download the Brivity Template CSV file to manually fill in columns (optional), or select Start New Import with any CSV:


 Select the CSV file that you'd like to import into Brivity, then select Next:


Brivity's intuitive Import process allows for easier Imports by automatically filling in the appropriate fields from your existing CSV file.


 If all the fields match, you will select Next.

If not all of the fields match, it notifies you in Unmatched Fields. Brivity will show the fields that do not match, and ask you to select which corresponding field Brivity offers for you to add it to.

*Note: Unmatched fields will all be stored as custom fields in a contact detail page.


 Preview prior to the import. If everything is correct, select Next:

Your import will automatically begin. A status bar appears to let you know when the import is complete.

When your import has completed, you will be notified via email and in the status bar.


If there are contacts that are not able to be uploaded, you will receive an error file via email that contains the reasons the contact(s) import was not successful.




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