How to Turn a Partial Lead into a Full Lead using Reverse Lead Lookup

The Brivity CRM Reverse Lead Lookup tool takes your partial leads and populates them with available data to create a full lead.

From the left Navigation Bar in your Brivity account select Leads to open the dropdown menu and select All Leads. When partial information comes in (such as an address-only lead from your Brivity Valuations site), under Name, you'll see "Search for owner" in orange.

In this case, click Search for owner. If the address or phone number is valid and the data is available, the reverse lead lookup tool will come back saying how many matches were found. Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_1.21.04_PM.png

Click 1 match found to see the information and the Verify Lead Information modal will come up with all available information. 


Select the information you want to add and click Continue. 

The Add Lead modal will come up. Fill in any additional information, click Save & Close.


Note: If you search for owner and No matches found returns, it could be due to the address not being valid (wrong zip, street name, state), or the data not being available to return. 


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