How to send HTML Emails

Brivity has the ability to send HTML emails within your Brivity CRM account. Create eye-catching, attractive HTML emails using a third party system or coding the email yourself and send them out to your clients, leads, and sphere directly from your Brivity account.

Open the Settings Dropdown and click Settings.


You will automatically be taken to the Email Templates tab. Click Create New Email Template to bring up the modal where you will enter the Name of the email Template, Subject, and Body of your email.


Now you're ready to paste the HTML code. Click the source code button "pp7.PNG". This Source Code window will pop up and you will be able to paste your HTML source code in this box, then click OK.

Click the Preview button to see what your email will look like when it's sent. 

Click the Save & Close button to save your Template and close the modal.


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