How to Embed an Image in Email

How to get the embed code for an image

Note that in order to embed an image in an email you need to get the code using a common hosting platform such as Google Drive, DropBox, or Imgur. These instructions will show you how to do it using Google Drive.

Let’s say you want to embed your agent photo into the emails you send. 

Select your desired photo from your hard drive.

Open your Google Drive and click New > File upload.

Select the photo you want to upload and then click Choose.


Next, find the photo in your Google Drive and right click the file. 

Click Open with and select Google Docs.

This will take you to the photo, then select the menu in the upper right corner and click Embed item.

Copy the embed code.

Paste the image source code into the Source Code window and click OK.


How to insert images into emails

Paste the video or image source code into the Source Code window and click OK.


Click the Preview button to see what your email will look like when it's sent.

Click the Save & Close button to save your Template and close the modal.

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