Brivity's Payment, Subscription and Cancellation Policy

For monthly accounts, you will be electronically billed once a month on the day service was initiated on. For annual accounts, you will be electronically billed once per year on the date service was initiated on.

Payment Information: 

If we are unable to bill the payment method on file, you will be contacted and prompted to update your billing information via phone and email. On the fourteenth (14) day, your account will be locked until the payment method can be updated. Once the account is locked, you'll need to contact Support to have the account unlocked. 

Canceling your Brivity Account: 

If you wish to cancel your Brivity account, please contact our Support team by calling (855) 427-4848. If a team member is not available to take your call, we will reach out to you by phone to confirm your cancellation. Your cancellation will not be complete until you speak directly with team member. 

If you wish to cancel Brivity in the middle of your billing cycle, we will close the account at the end of the billing period. Refunds are not available for the remainder of the billing cycle. This is true for both monthly and annual accounts. 

For any billing related questions, please contact us at or (855) 427-4848

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