How to Customize Roles for People on Transactions

Customizing Roles for People on Transactions

Role refers to the role a person plays in a Transaction (usually a title given to someone based on their responsibilities). You are creating the list of roles you'll use when you add people to a transaction. Brivity provides a comprehensive list of roles for you to use. We recommend using the provided roles and editing the name of these roles to fit your business, as it's best to keep these lists minimal and to only add new roles when absolutely necessary.

Begin by opening the Settings Dropdown, then select Settings.


In Settings, select the People tab and you will see lists to add Team Roles, Collaborator Roles and Client Roles in a Transaction.

Determine what type of role you want to add; is this role for someone on your Team (a User), or is it for a Client, or a Collaborator? (You are adding an item to the dropdown list in the area on a Transaction where you edit people in each category, so if you add it to the wrong category, you'll have to fix it before you can use it on the Transaction).


Once you know what type of person the role is for, click the Add New Role button in the correct column. A modal will come up where you can name the Role. It will show up on the Property Page and the listing timeline just as you add it here (we recommend keeping it short, and capitalizing the first letter). Add a description if you like, and save your work to close the modal.


To edit an existing Role, click the Edit Icon next to the name of the role to open the modal. Make your changes and save to close it. 

To remove a Role, click the "X" Delete Icon next to the role you wish to remove. Be careful not to remove roles that are being used on existing transactions.


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