How to Create and Edit Email Templates

Email Templates are the most efficient way to manage communication with your database in a cohesive manner. All Users on the account can create Email Templates. Administrators and Account Owners can create and edit any Template regardless of who made it. Agents can only use Templates that Administrators or they themselves created, and they can only edit Templates they created. To view our video tutorial on this topic, click here!

How to Create an Email Template
Open the Settings Dropdown and click Settings to access the Settings pages.

Select Email Templates from the tabs visible in the Context Bar.

Click Create New Email Template to bring up the modal where you will enter the Name of the email Template (it will not be visible to the recipients of your email), the Subject, and the Body of your email. Use placeholders for words or phrases that change depending on the recipient of the email (i.e. Recipient First Name, Team Name, etc.).

Click the Preview button to see what your email will look like when it's sent. Click the Save & Close button to save your Template and close the modal.

How to Edit an Email Template
Click the Edit Icon next to the template you wish to edit. The Email Template window will pop up and you will be able to edit the details of the Email Template. Click Save & Close and to save your changes and close the modal.

Brivity tracks the creator and the last person to edit any template. You can see who made changes and when they did it in the columns to the right of the template name.


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