How to Add or Archive People in Your Database

The best way to add lots of people into your database at one time, is to import them from the Account > Import page (check out our article on importing!) If you're just adding one person though, follow the directions below. The best contact records have at least one phone, email, and mailing address. 

To add a Person to your Database:
Click the plus sign to the right of the People link in the Left Navigation bar. You'll be prompted to fill out only the most basic information. Check out our Article on choosing the right Type and Status for more info on that. Click Save & Continue to finish adding them and close the modal.


You'll be redirected to the edit area of that person's page where you can fill out the rest of their information (including their photo) as you see fit. Click Save Details to save any changes you made or to return to their details.


To archive a Person in your Database:
You never completely remove people from Brivity, instead you Archive them so that you can reinstate their contact if you need to in the future. Archive a person from any People index by Clicking the Archive icon next to the person you want to remove. Their status will immediately be set to Archived.


You can also archive someone by changing their Status to Archived from their Edit Details page. (Click the Edit Details button from their Person, or the Edit icon from the People index to get there.) Don't forget to save your changes!


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