How to Make Social Media Posts in Brivity

The Marketing Page in Brivity allows you to easily post the Property Pages of your listings to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Craigslist and ActiveRain. If you click on the icon to post to any of the social media sites and a new window doesn't appear, please check to make sure your pop up blocker is disabled for this page and refresh. To view our video tutorial on this topic, click here!

To post a Listing to Social Media in Brivity, select Marketing from the left navigation bar. Find the listing you are advertising and select the icon of the social media platform you are posting to. 

Posting on the Marketing page is a two-step process. To post to Facebook, select the Facebook icon. The property page's main image, the address and the description of the listing will appear in a new Facebook post window. You can be logged into Facebook before selecting the Facebook icon or you can log in in this window once you select the Facebook icon in Brivity. 

Select Post to Facebook to automatically post the listing to your Facebook or on a page you manage (your business page).

To tweet your Listing on Twitter, select the Twitter icon. A window to share the post on Twitter will pop up with the Marketing Title used on the property page and a shortened link for the property page of that listing. Select Log In and Tweet or Tweet (if already logged in) to post the Listing on Twitter. 

To pin the listing on Pinterest, select the Pinterest icon. The property page's main image and the description of the listing will appear in a new Pinterest post window. You can log in in this window if you haven't already and the post will populate after logging in. Select the board you are pinning to and select Pin it.

To share the post on Google+, select the Google+ icon. A window will appear with a posting form displaying the property page's main image and the description of the listing. Add a comment and customize who you'd like the post to be shared with, then select Share

Back in Brivity, select the social media icon's corresponding checkbox for any of the social media sites you have posted to, to signify that marketing has been completed and to alert your clients to its completion. 


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