How to Select the Correct Status & Publish State for Your Transactions

Transactions in the Left Navigation Bar are listed by their Status and Published State.


Published State
Publishing a listing means that the Public Facing Property Page is visible to anyone who goes to that URL or searches for the property in Brivity. 

Drafts can only be seen by Team Members and Viewers who have been associated with that listing. Think of Drafts as you would draft emails, they're not filled out all of the way and not ready to send. If your listing is a Draft it will appear in Drafts as well as within it's Status in TransactionsComing SoonActive and Pending listings can have the Published State of either Published or Drafts.

Coming Soon means that the listing is not yet active in your MLS and can be either Published or a Draft.

Active means that the listing is active in your MLS, with no pending offers on it yet. An Active listing can be either Published or a Draft.

Pending means that a listing has a pending offer on the property. A Pending listing will still be available in public search results but will be marked as "Pending."

Sold means that the offer on a property has gone through and it is now sold. Sold properties will not be available in public search results. 

Expired means that the listing agreement has expired and the listing is no longer on the market and will not be available in public search results. 

For Withdrawn, Rescinded or otherwise Canceled properties, you can assign them either a Withdrawn or Archived status. Archived means the tasks associated with that listing will be removed and the listing won't be available in public search results. Withdrawn status means that you can still assign tasks to that listing and tasks that are already assigned to the listing won't disappear. It will also be available in public search results. 

How to Apply a Status and Publish State in a Transaction 
To change the Status or Published State, find the listing in the Quick Search Bar or from Transactions in the Left Navigation Bar. Select to open an overview of the Transaction and click Edit Details in the Transaction Context Bar. 

Select Published or Draft from the Published State drop down menu.

Select ActiveComing SoonPendingSoldExpiredWithdrawn or Archived from the Status drop down menu.

Click Save Details to update the Status and/or Published State and return to the Transaction Overview. 


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