How to Use and Complete Advertising Plans for a Transaction

Using Action Plans on a Transaction 

Select the Transaction you want to use an Advertising Plan on by searching for it in the Quick Search Bar at the top of the page or by finding it within Transactions in the Left Navigation Bar. 

Click the Apply A Plan button in the Context Bar. 


Select the plan (or plans) you wish to apply from the drop down menu.


Click Finish to apply the plan and close the window.

Completing Advertising Plans for a Transaction

Select Advertising tab from the Transaction Workflow Navigation.

Select Search for Ad on Google next to the Advertiser you want to advertise.

Select the first link from the Google search that will take you to the listing on the advertiser's site.

Copy the URL and return to the Advertising Workflow. Click the Edit Pen.

Paste the URL from the advertiser's site into the URL of Ad bar. Click Mark as Complete to send to Client in the Checkbox to make this advertisement visible to Viewers

Click Save to complete the advertisement and close the window. 


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