How to Add and Use Notes On a Task

Notes on a Task will show up when you select and expand a Task to view the Task details. The Notes section of a Task can be used to elaborate on a certain Task, add a URL, include specific instructions that are not found in the instructions themselves or to add any other relevant information regarding the Task that you want to have saved and available for reference. URLs in notes are automatically accepted as clickable "links" and do not require additional HTML.

Adding a Note to a Task
Select Tasks in the Left Navigation Bar and then find the Task within it's subcategory. 


Click the Edit Pen in the Edit column of the Task you wish to add a Note to. 


Click Edit once more.


Within this window, click Add Notes, which will bring up a new text box to add your notes into.


Select Save & Close and that Note will now be shown as part of the Task to whoever the Task is visible to.

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