I Signed Up for Brivity Valuations, What's Next?

Congratulations on your new Brivity Valuations account! Brivity Valuations are custom lead generating websites that offers you the opportunity to send home sellers your expert valuation of their property. With a strategic built-in address search tool, the valuation site gives you multiple touch points to capture leads while giving the site visitor a valuation of their property.

The sites are easy to setup and manage. All you need to do is include the site in your marketing plans and campaigns.

To get started, log in to your account and start by setting up the site.

Step 1: Use the Design page to update content and design of your Valuation Site. Click here for more information on your site’s design. To view changes made to your site, click on View Page.

Step 2: Add lead recipients on the Recipients page under SettingsClick here for more information on setting up recipients.

Step 3: Edit emails sent to recipients and leads under Notification Emails. Learn more about notification emails here.

Step 4: Use Integrations to enable or disable integrations with other services.

Step 5: Setup your domains under Domains. Learn more about how to add domains here.

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