How To Remove People From Your Team / Users on Your Account

Removing People From Your Team / Users on Your Account

Only the Account Owner or Administrator can remove Users from the account. Archiving someone on your team does not completely remove them from the account or stop billing (that way you won't be double billed if you replace them immediately) so if you're reducing the size of your team, give us a call at (855) 427-4848 and we'll update your billing immediately!

Begin by opening the Settings Dropdown and clicking Account.


Select Users from the tabs in the context bar to view the users on your team. Click the Archive icon next to the person you wish to remove. When you have successfully archived them, they will appear in the bottom section of the page, in Past Users.


Then, contact Brivity Support at or at 855-427-4848 if you wish to update your billing. You will continue to be billed for the archived user until you contact support. 

You can un-archive someone by clicking the lightened Archive icon next to their name.


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