How to Change Frequency Settings for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Frequency Settings

Marketing settings determine how often you'll be reminded to post Listings from the Marketing page. When choosing a frequency, take into account about how many Listings you have versus the maximum number of posts you want to make per day.

Open the Settings Dropdown in the upper right corner and select Settings.


Select the Marketing tab in the Context Bar.


Click and drag the red bar to set how often you want to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Craigslist, and ActiveRain.

Click Save Changes before leaving the page to save your changes.

Our Recommendation for posting frequency:
It's tricky to hit that sweet spot on social media where you post as often as you can without losing followers. This is only our recommendation so if you want to see more posts on each platform per day, you should decrease the amount of time accordingly. If you have around 30 listings, we recommend posting to

  • Facebook every 15 days (2 posts per day)
  • Twitter every 3 days (10 tweets per day)
  • Pinterest every 20 days (~2 pins per day)
  • Google+ every 15 days (2 posts per day)
  • Cragislist every 10 days (3 posts per day)
  • Active Rain every 30 days (1 post per day)

If you have fewer Listings you can post more often. If you have more Listings, you should probably post less often so that you don't reduce or increase the ideal number of posts per day by too much.

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