Brivity's Revised Email Protocol

As we introduce more CRM functionality to Brivity, we are adopting tighter compliance with email sending best practices.  This will help to ensure that your mail gets to your recipients without being blocked or treated like spam and we will maintain our status as a reliable mail sender.  

So, what does this mean for Brivity users? Here's a summary:
  • All direct mail sent through Brivity from your account to another person will be sent from with your name as the sender's name and your email address as the reply-to address. 
  • The mail recipient will see your full name in the From field of the message and, if they select Reply, the reply will be sent directly to your email address, not  The end result is that the recipient will still experience a personal contact from you and be able to personally respond to you.
  • Transaction Updates (viewers) and Daily Updates (teammates) come from
  • Welcome emails to Viewers and Teammates come from
  • New subscription welcome emails come from

We're confident that our compliance with email best practices will enhance the quality of your service to your customers.
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