How to Create and Edit Action Plans

Action plans are like settings for tasks; they enable you to create your to-do list once and then apply it to any transaction or person in your database. There are two ways to create an action plan—the first is by creating one from scratch, the second is by duplicating an existing plan and modifying it to meet your needs. Property Action Plans and People Action Plans are exclusive, but created, edited, and applied the same way. To view our video tutorial on this topic, click here!

To Create an Action Plan (from scratch)
Open the Settings Dropdown and click Settings.

Select Action Plans from the tabs in the Context bar to load your Property, People, and Advertising Action Plans, then click the Create (type of) Action Plan button for the plan you want to create.

A modal will appear where you should enter the name of the Action Plan you're creating (you can edit this later). Click Save to create the Action Plan and close the modal. The plan you created will appear in the Category you added it in.

The newly created Action Plan will now appear in the Action Plan category you created it in. Click the dropdown arrow next to the name of the plan and select the plus sign next to Add An Action to open a modal to begin adding actions to your plan.

Select who the task is Assigned to, whether or not it should be Visible to viewers (your clients and collaborators on a transaction) and whether task is a One-time-thing, or whether it should be Recurring and then the actual day that it's Due. You can also add Instructions (which are always private—hidden from viewers) for your team. Click Save & Close to finish adding the action and return to the full plan.

Continue adding actions to your plan. Actions added will display sorted by due date, with the actions you added first being higher in the list than those added later.

To Edit an Action Plan (Or create an Action Plan by duplicating an existing Plan)
If you just want to edit a single Action, click the dropdown arrow next to the Action Plan it's in, and then click the Edit Icon next to the action you want to edit.

This will bring up a modal with the details of the action. Click Save & Close when you are finished

To delete a single action, click the Delete icon next to the Action you wish to remove. This is not un-doable, so you'll need to confirm that you really want to get rid of it.

To edit the Name of an Action Plan, hover over the Plan you want to modify and click the Rename button that appears to open a modal where you can change the name.

Click Save to save your changes and close the modal.

To Duplicate an Action Plan, choose an action plan that has actions most similar to the plan you want to create, then click the Copy icon (it looks like two pages).

A modal will appear asking for a new name for your Action Plan. After you've clicked Save, a second plan will be created with all of the same tasks, with the same due dates, assigned to the same people. Then you just need to edit the individual actions to meet your needs!

You can Archive an Action plan by clicking the Archive icon (it looks like a trash can), and your plan will be removed.


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