How to Create and Edit Advertising Plans

Advertising Plans are used to document for your client, all the places your MLS has posted their listing, or any print or additional advertising your have done. There are two ways to create an Advertising Plan: the first is by creating one from scratch, the second is by duplicating a similar Plan and editing the Advertisers to meet your needs. To view our video tutorial on this topic, click here!

To create an Advertising Plan (from scratch)
Begin by opening the Settings Dropdown and clicking Settings.

Then select the Action Plans tab from the Context Bar and scroll down to Advertising Plans (they're near the bottom)

Click Create New Advertising Action Plan to open a modal where you will type in the Name of the plan you wish to create. Click Save to close the modal and finish creating the plan. You'll see your plan appear below in the list of Advertising Plans.

Click the dropdown arrow next to the plan you just created to open it. Then click the plus sign next to Add An Advertiser to begin adding advertisers to the plan.

Enter the name of the Advertiser in the modal that appears. We recommend using the name of the website like "" or" for web ads and the name of the publication followed by a short description of the ad itself, like "the Thrify Nickle classified ad" or "Live City Guide quarter-page, full-color ad" for print advertising. Click Save & Close to add the Advertiser to the plan and close the modal.

Repeat to add additional advertisers to the Advertising plan.

To Edit an Advertising Plan (or create an Advertising Plan by duplicating an existing Plan)
If you just want to edit a single Advertiser, click the dropdown arrow next to the Advertising Plan it is part of, and click the Edit icon of the Advertiser you want to edit.

This will bring up the modal with the details of the Advertiser. Make your changes, then click Save & Close to finish and close the modal.

To remove an Advertiser completely, click the Delete icon (it looks like an "X") next to the advertiser you would like to remove. Click Yes. Delete in the modal that appears to confirm you decision to remove them.

To Duplicate an Advertising Plan, choose an existing Plan that is similar to the one your'e about to create. Click the Duplicate icon (it looks like two pieces of paper) to make a copy of it.

Enter the name of your new Advertising plan in the modal that comes up, then click Save to finish and close the modal. Your new Advertising plan should appear below.

To change just the name of an Advertising plan, hover over the Advertising plan you want, and click the Rename button that appears. Make your modifications, then click save to finish and close the modal.

To Archive an entire Advertising Plan, click the Archive icon (it looks like a trash bin) next to the plan you wish to archive. Confirm your decision in the modal to finish.

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