How to View, Add and Update Showing Feedback

Begin by locating the transaction you wish to add Showing Feedback or a Showing Request for, by locating it in the Transaction Indexes, or by searching for the Listing address with the quick search feature. 

Select the Showing Feedback tab from the links in the Workflow Navigation to open the content.


From this tab (see below) you can see the date the feedback was entered into Brivity, what Type of showing it was, the Rating it was given, a preview of the feedback, whether or not it's visible to your clients, and tools for editing or removing the feedback.

To view the Details of showing feedback,
If you click on the Feeback text, in this case 'Amazing house! We're really interested.', it'll bring up a window giving the Showing Details. This includes the Date, Interest & Feedback.


To Add new showing feedback, 
Click Create New Showing Feedback to open the showing feedback modal.


Select the Showing Type, the Interest level expressed by the viewer, and Visibility. Then add Who it was Shown By and the Feedback Details. Click Save and Send to finish and close the modal. This feedback will be sent to your client in their daily email.


To Edit existing Showing Feedback,
Click the Edit icon to open the edit modal next to the feedback you wish to update. Make your modifications and click Save to finish and close the modal.


Your client will not be emailed about the update, so we recommend adding requested feedback to a new record.

To Delete existing Showing Feedback,
Click the Delete icon (it looks like an "X") next to the feedback you wish to delete.


Confirm your decision in the modal that pops up and your feedback will be removed. If you remove feedback before the end of the day, it will not be sent to your client.

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