Setting Up a Facebook Integration for Your Page

  1. Log in to Facebook as an admin of the page you want to add the tab to.
  2. In the search bar, type Woobox Custom Tab and select it the Woobox Custom Tab App that shows up in the search result.             
  3. Click on Continue as <admin name>.
  4. Click on the Install Page Tab button on the Add a Custom Page Tab to your Facebook Page screen.  
  5. If you have multiple Facebook pages, Select the page you want to add the tab to. 
  6. Authorize the application.
  7. Set the Tab Settings as follows:
    1. Page Tab Share Settings - Select Edit and change Share Title and Share Description to something relevant to the Valuation Site. (Example title: What’s Your Home Worth? Example Description: Find the value of your Bellingham home in a few easy steps!)
    2. Page Source - Select URL and enter URL of your Valuation Site with https:// as the prefix. (NOTE: You have to use the URL that has So if your Valuation Site is, DO NOT enter Use the URL that you see in your Brivity Valuations account under Settings > Domains.) Set the px to 700.
    3. Fan-Gate - off
    4. Friend-Gate - off
    5. Form-Gate - off
    6. Tab Icon - Don't do anything
    7. Tab Name - Something like Home Valuations or Get Your Home Value
  8. Select Save Settings.

To edit the tab position, click on View Page, click on More and Manage Tabs. Drag the tab to the desired position.


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