Add Godaddy Domain to Valuation Site

Adding Domains to My Account: GoDaddy

You can set up several domains in your Brivity Valuations account for different kinds of valuation pages.

 From the upper-right dropdown of your GoDaddy, go to My Products. Click DNS for the Domain that you want to use for your new Brivity Valuations site.

*Note: If you own many domains, your list may show in several pages of 10 domains at a time. Just scroll through to find the domain of choice.




 Copy this now: - and open your GoDaddy Account

In the DNS Management page, find the line that references CNAME www @. Click the edit pencil. Paste the above link into the Points to:*. Then Save.




The line for "www" should now look like this:


 Scroll to the bottom of the same Godaddy page for DNS Management. If I own, we need to also forward to follow the same pattern. Set Forwarding to your site with the www in front of it.

Settings should look like:

FORWARD TO: http:/ 
FORWARD TYPE: Permanent 
SETTINGS: Forward only

✔ Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change.



You're all set to add this domain to your Brivity site!

 Open your BrivityValuations account. In the upper-right drop down, click on Domains. There you can Add Domain.

 A pop-up will appear to add your url. Type in your new domain name, and Create Domain.

You'll find your new Domain from the dropdown bar in Pages, where you can customize your new Brivity Valuations site.


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