How to Permanently Delete a Transaction

If you have entered a duplicate transaction, test transactions or have transactions that will never be needed to be referenced again and you're wanting to remove them from your Brivity account, you may want to permanently delete those transactions.

To permanently delete a transaction the transaction must first be Archived. Archive a transaction by selecting the trashcan icon next to the transaction in the edit column of the transaction index. You can also archive the transaction by selecting Edit Details on the transaction and then changing the Status to Archived.

Click on Transactions in the left navigation panel to expand the transaction status categories. Click the Archived category to view all of the Archived transactions. From the list of Archived transactions, select the red X next to the transaction that is to be permanently deleted. 

Confirm the permanent deletion of the transaction and that you are aware that this action cannot be undone by clicking Yes.Delete in the window that pops up. 

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