How to Add or Edit a Person's Details and Photo

To Add a Person's details when you are first adding a Person in Brivity, fill out the Add a New Person form and fill in their basic info in the fields that are available. This will create the Person with the information you fill out.

To Edit a Person's details access the person you would like to edit details for by searching for their name in the search bar or by selecting People from the left navigation bar and then finding the person's name under their Person Type. 

Once viewing the person's info page, select the "Edit Details" button in the upper right corner of the page. 

In the edit page for the person, you will now have the ability to add, remove and edit information in the different fields. 

You will also see the option to Upload a Photo to this person's profile. To do so, select the gray box with the camera and "Upload Photo" and an upload file window will appear.

When you are finished adding or editing details and/or uploading a photo, select the "Save Details" button from the upper right hand corner and the person's information is now saved and updated. 


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