Why Can't I Search For or See This Person or Transaction?

If you are unable to view a particular Person or Transaction in Brivity, it is likely due to your permission level.

Owners and Administrators in Brivity can see all People and Transactions. If you are unable to find a Person or Transaction, please contact support at (855)427-4848 or

Agents, on the other hand, only see People and Transactions that they have been granted access to. As such, please ensure the agent has been added to the Person by selecting "Manage Access" in their profile, or by selecting to "Add Teammate" on the details page of the Transaction. If the agent has had access extended to them on the Person or Transaction and is still unable to view it, please contact support at (855)427-4848 or You can read how to setup Agents with other People by clicking here.

To understand permission levels in further detail, you can click here

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