How to End Tasks After a Transaction Status Change

Often times, there are still tasks that need to be finished with a listing, even after the status of the listing has changed. In addition, you can add action plans to listings when they've gone into Pending or Sold status. Regardless of an listing's final status, these tasks will appear until they have been Completed or Deleted.   

To update/change your tasks within those pending/sold/withdrawn transactions:

Click on the Transaction, then move to the Task option in your workflow screen


From here, you can Mass Select the tasks that are no longer applicable following the status change. If you would not like this to be communicated to your client, click Delete.  


(NOTE** You will want to DELETE (X) all the tasks that are set to RECURRING; if you mark it as Complete, it only completes it in that instance. It will appear again the next time it's scheduled to show up if it's not deleted.) 

The other option is to set your listing to Archived after it's completed. This will stop all remaining tasks for that transaction. To do this, click Edit Details in the upper right hand corner, and select Archived from the Status drop down menu. You can also follow the instructions in this Support article:  

How to Select the Correct Status and Publish State for Your Transactions

If you are finding that you have several transactions that are left with the same tasks after moving it to pending/sold, you may need to reconsider if these tasks apply to the way that you do business.

To update Action Plans, please follow the instructions in this article: 

How to Create and Edit Action Plans

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