What is the Right User Type or Permissions Level for My User?

When selecting a permission level for your Users, you should consider what you'd like them to be able to view and accomplish in Brivity. You can view the User Type of every person in the account from the Users tab of the Account pages.

Agents have the most limited access in Brivity. They are unable to modify most Settings, and cannot make Account wide modifications. Agents only see the Transactions they've been added to, the People they've been given access to, and the Tasks assigned to them. They can—and should—import their own people database.

Administrators on the account can create and edit all Transactions, People and Tasks in Brivity. Along with all the things agents can do, they can also Export people from Brivity, create and edit Action Plans, Advertising Plans, and Email Templates. They can also add and remove Users from the account.

The Account Owner has access to all of the Account Settings, every Transaction, Person and Task in Brivity. The Account Owner is the only user who can update the Billing info, modify Business info, add Integrations, view the API key, or transfer ownership of the account, in addition to all of the things an Administrator can do.

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