How to Choose a Type, Status, Intent and Source for People in Brivity

Brivity has multiple ways to classify the people in your database. This results in a robust and dynamic system that converts your contacts from Lead to Client. This article will cover:


People Type, Status, Intent, Source Category, and Source.


Type refers to how you know someone. It is the definition of your relationship. Below are the icons for each type, and an explanation of Brivity Types.

A Lead is a person you haven't met yet, or don't know well. They could be prospects that came through organically, through Sphere referrals, websites, etc. They may be read to buy, 3-6 months out, etc. 

Sphere includes your SOI (Sphere of Influence), friends, family, past clients, social media friends, club and organization members, church associates, your banker, mechanic, grocery clerk, etc. Anyone you know in real life that could give you a referral. 

A Collaborator is someone who works as a professional in the real estate industry. Photographers, stagers, lenders, home inspector, lawyer, contractor, escrow officer, etc. 

A person on your Team is someone you work with who is a user on your account. You probably share an office or see each other daily. If they are not a User on your Brivity account, they should be a Collaborator.

**Looking for Client? All Clients must first be added into Brivity as a Lead or Sphere, and once they are assigned to a Transaction, they will automatically be listed as a Client.


Status tells you how likely someone is to do business with you. Status is dependent on Type, so if you change a person’s Type, you’ll need to update their Status as well.


New: A person you haven't had the chance to contact yet
Unqualified: A person you've tried to connect with, but haven't been able to qualify their needs. 
Watch, Nurture, Hot: A person you've contacted and gauged their level of interest and the likelihood that they will be doing business with you someday, in the next year, or now.  
Archived: A person you no longer wish/need to contact. Could be on a DNC (Do Not Call) list. 

Client Status is unique in Brivity. You can find Active Clients and Past Clients under the Clients section of the People index:



Intention refers to what type of transaction a person is most likely to engage in. The options for this field are Buyer, Seller, Seller/Buyer, and N/A.



Source and Source Category tell you where a lead came from.

This is broken down into two parts to improve the ease of selection and give you improved metrics on where your advertising budget is best being spent. Source Category is the basic category of where someone came from. Once you select a Category, you can add a specific Source.

These are the supported Source Categories and their specific Sources in Brivity, formatted Source Category - Source (specific). Note that categories of Cold Call and Radio have no specific Source (so leave that field blank), and Open House, Sign Call, and Other have text fields where you can add an address, or whatever else suits your needs.

    • Cold Call
    • ISA (inside sales agent) - canceled expired, circle prospecting
    • Mail - flyer, just listed postcard, just sold postcard, live city guide
    • Online - brivity valuations, brivity showing request, blossor, craigslist, keller williams, trulia, zillow
    • Open House - *text field*
    • Web search - google, bing, facebook
    • Print - newspaper, real estate book, local zine
    • Radio
    • Referral - sphere referral, agent referral
    • Sign Call - *text field*
    • Sphere - personal - professional - past client
    • Other - *text field*
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