Status Definitions

Brivity has multiple ways to classify the people in your database. This results in a robust and dynamic system that converts your contacts from Lead to Client to a Past Client



Status tells you how soon someone wants to move, allowing you to prioritize your leads by their urgency; keeping your pipeline flowing! You can ask a question like, "If I were to find you the perfect home today, would you say you're ready to buy it?"


New: A person you have not attempted to contact yet.

Unqualified: Attempted to contact the lead, but have not been able to reach them yet, therefore, their urgency has not yet been qualified.

Hot: Intending to buy/sell in 1-2 months.

Watch: Intending to buy/sell in 3-6 months.

Nurture: Are in two categories:

  1. In the Leads Index contacts intending to buy/sell in 6-12 months, OR
  2. In the People Index as contacts you may be Nurturing.

Past Client: These are the people who have been your clients previously! 

A person not actively searching for homes. You've called, texted, emailed, but they stopped responding. Inactive will remove them from your leads list. You can pull a list of inactive leads to try to work them again by Filtering by Status. 

Archived: A person you no longer wish/need to contact. Could be on a DNC (Do Not Call) list. All Action Plans automatically stop for people in this status.

Trash: A bad lead with no good contact information (bad phone/ bad email). Nothing could possibly convert this lead. 




You can find Active Clients and Past Clients under the Clients section of the People index. A contact will end up in the Client folder on the left because they are applied to an active transaction, or because given the Status of Past Client.




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